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Everybody's Got Something


Everybody's Got Something... included on the EP Someone Misses You

Co-written with friend and artist Andrea Thomas...available on iTunes!

Heart of Happiness


The Heart of Happiness ... the title track from my first independent album of the same name.. 

co-written with friend and legendary writer Chris Gantry... available on iTunes!



Whether you travel near of far or stay in your own backyard make this a memorable time. Share it with friends and loved ones, but more importantly make it a time that awakens a sense of wonder that you will take into the next season of your life.



Every person can be inspired. And every person can inspire someone else. The meaning of inspire, according to Merriam-Webster, is a metaphorical extension of its Latin root inspirare, meaning "to breathe or blow into." Inspiration is essential to creativity. You could say it's the creative equivalence to breathing.





My dream to create has been challenging at times, but it is a part of who I am and has helped me throughout my life more times that I can count. Not just on stage either. It has helped me in a writing room or in a meeting with challenging co-workers. Creativity has been an outlet to absorb some of my energy and imaginative ideas have been put in place through real works, whether it is vocals, art or writing, that are tangible reflections of parts of me.



Dreams bring more purpose to life and give you something to look forward to. It keeps you going when the sparkle wears off on things we once thought important. A dream, big or small, puts the spring in your step , and a smile on your face and delights the spirit. It's a wondrous thing to name your dream and go after it.

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